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Dear Client,

Due to the upcoming Memorial Day in the US, trading times for Monday 30th of May will be affected as shown in the below table:

If you intend to hold open trades or are considering trading during these times, please consider the updated trading times carefully.

Market Operating Times (GMT+3)
Instrument Mon 30th May
[US] Memorial Day
US30 Early Close @20:00
SPX500 Early Close @20:00
NAS100 Early Close @20:00
FRA40 Early Close @23:00
DAX30 Early Close @23:00
UK100 Early Close @23:00
ESTX50 Early Close @23:00
JP225 Early Close @20:00
HK50 Early Close @22:00
Precious Metal Early Close @20:15
WTI Early Close @20:15
BRENT Early Close @20:15

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